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Bangor University Accepting MOI From 40+ Pakistani Universities

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Breaking news: Bangor University accepting MOI from 40+ Pakistani universities

We are thrilled to bring you breaking news that marks a significant milestone in international education collaboration. Bangor University, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and diversity, has recently announced that it is now accepting Medium of Instruction (MOI) from over 40 Pakistani universities. This means that if the students complete the bachelor’s degree within three years from the listed universities, they are not required to submit any additional English proficiency certificate, subject to the submission of a medium of instruction letter from the university.

This groundbreaking decision by Bangor University opens up new avenues for students from Pakistan, providing them with increased accessibility to world-class education in the UK. By recognising a broader range of educational institutions, Bangor fosters inclusivity and acknowledges Pakistan’s diverse academic landscapes.

This development strengthens the ties between Bangor University and Pakistani educational institutions and reflects a shared commitment to global education and cultural exchange. Students from Pakistan now have an enhanced opportunity to pursue higher education at Bangor University, known for its cutting-edge research, innovative teaching methods, and vibrant campus life.

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Below is the list of Pakistani universities whose MOI Bangor University will accept:






As we celebrate this significant collaboration between Bangor University and the diverse educational landscape of Pakistan, Study Planners, a proud partner of Bangor University, is eager to assist Pakistani students from above 40+ universities in their higher education pursuits in the UK with MOI and 100% free personalised guidance